Nevaeh Promotions looks to reinforce and expand client brands via a variety of social networking mediums. From the creation and management of Facebook fan pages to the expansion of one’s Twitter following, Nevaeh Promotions has unparalleled understanding of the social media space. From the development of user generated video contests, the promotion of online discounts and promotions, the creation of web-based media stunts and more, we understand the changing media space. 

A key strength of our agency involves online reputation and online brand management. We understand Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and how to influence search engines. We enhance online market awareness, and strengthen online channels. 

Regardless of your industry, Nevaeh Promotions can assist in the development and/or management of a multi-faceted social media campaign that is certain to enhance visibility for your brand and further your communications objectives. We understand the SEO benefits of social media  and understand how to achieve brand awareness, increase search rankings and create market awareness. 

From Twitter management and blog creation, to Wikipedia and online videos, we understand social media and the integration of Public Relations. From link integration to the importance of content, reputation management online to social buzz, Nevaeh Promotions gets it. 

Social Media capabilities include: 

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM)
  • Blog  Development
  • Web Site Content Writing
  • Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Snapchat/Soundcloud/Google Plus/Tumblr/LinkedIn/Foursquares/Yelp Management
  • YouTube
  • Web Analytics and Reporting