Originally from Duval county Jacksonville, FL, Cheeto Gambine has resided on the “Nawf” side of Atlanta for 15 years and has flooded the A with his cocky flow. “Who don’t know Cheeto” he has marked his presence all over the streets of northside Atlanta and It doesn’t stop there, Cheeto’s music is being played in clubs and streets in many cities across the U.S. His newest album “In deez streets” will drop in April 2012 and is touring with World Star and Core DJ’s this year. Cheeto thrives on relating his music with the streets from the partying to just kickin it and down to the trials and tribulations every track he lays down is a street banger.Growing up Cheeto’s father was serving a life sentence in prison for attempted murder the rest of the men in his family, cousins and uncles couldn’t stay out of the system. So Cheeto turned to Tupac Shukar for a male influence. “I would wake up soaking up every word through my earphones and fall asleep to the same words, it’s like he seen what I saw and catered to my situation.” Being that his mother was a born again Christian rap music was not aloud in the house so he would sneak to listen to Pac, becoming more and more motivated to become more than just another rapper. Cheetos drive to reach out to young adults the way Pac did, motivates his street movement everyday.

Now days you will find Cheeto on one of hip-hops biggest internet video blog site where he obtained well over 500k video post views in 2011 alone. Doing shows from Minnesota down to Miami and selling over 20,000 copies of his latest mixed tape which also received 10,000 downloads, who don’t know the 6”6 inked up dread head takin over these streets. With his rapid climb to the top If you don’t know Cheeto you will know Cheeto Gambine! 








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