Coming out of the southside of ATL is the artist B.A.M.A  bringing words of substance to ears of the believers that RAP and HIP-HOP is alive, and well represented in the “Dirty South”.  The artist, yes we said artist since anybody can rap, but it takes an artist to take words and paint a picture, and this is what you will get from the artist B.A.M.A. The pictures that B.A.M.A paints are ones of real life struggles, the ups and downs coming up in the city of Atlanta,Ga.  B.A.M.A said his life lesson where learned here in Atlanta starting at the age of three when his family moved to Atlanta’s Overlook Apt  and Honey Hole projects in the community of Bankhead where he, his mom, brothers and sisters lived and he attended Carter G. Woodson Elm and later Stewart middle school. B.A.M.A at a young age used writing as an escape to take his mind off what he was seeing in the hood and his mother life struggles as she tried to provide for him and his brothers & sisters. Even though his mother tried to provide as much as she could she too became a victim of life's struggles by being locked up and ultimately loosing her children to Atlanta DEFACS system. B.A.M.A said this is when his life changed for the worst and he wrote even more to try and escape what he and his sibling where going through as they where separated,  and sent from home to home, shelter to shelter and eventually back to their mom. B.A.M.A says for a while thing where looking up, but an event took place that would changed his life forever and that was when his stepfather was charged with attempted murder and locked up for life for trying to kill his mom. “That one situation changed my life because I was there and saw it all, and could not stop it”. It’s just something a kid should not see and even more worst I had to help clean up the blood” “Just wrong”. There after B.A.M.A and his sibling moved to the southside of Atlanta to their Aunt Dottie and Uncle Cleve down off Conley St. There B.A.M.A says he wrote his first song of true inspiration for mom title “Struggles” and she loved it and encouraged him to write even more songs. It is true that from “Concrete Roses Do Bloom” and from that moment going forward B.A.M.A has been writing and rapping. B.A.M.A first open mic was at Hot107.9 “Akini Da Black Mac” Blues in the Alley where artist in the ATL came to compete to see who was going to be invited back for each month “Best of the Best” which meant that you would be seen by some of Atlanta leading Clubs, DJs, Radio Station Personalities and Record Labels. B.A.M.A said he has performed at every openmicinthecity of Atlanta, but Akini open mics from the Royal Peacock to ThroBacks brought out the best talent in the ATL, and that made him work even harder to improve on his writing skills. 2010 B.A.M.A founded C-Ing Money Entertainment and has been on his independent grind heavy in these streets.

B.A.M.A is currently pushing his hit single "SHE ROCKIN" produced by Paul Shawty Beats as well as his new  single "CAMOUFLAUGE" produced by Grand Marquis.


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